Playamo Casino Review

Playamo Casino is one of the more popular new online casinos at the moment, but how does it hold up against the myriad of other sites online? That is what our team set out to find out!

First Impressions of Playamo

Just as a note to begin with; we are not massive fans of online casinos which aim for a black theme. There is probably nothing wrong with it for most people, but to us, it always seems a little dark and dreary. We head to online casinos to have a bit of fun, not to be depressed by colours that are most commonly associated with mourning.

That being said, most online casinos seem to have black themes nowadays, so we suppose it is something that you all love, so we can’t complain that much about it. Anyway, once you boot up one of the games, the site gets a lovely injection of colour anyway, which is awesome!

Other than that, there is very little cause for complaint when you are browsing through Playamo Casino. It looks as if the designers have put a lot of effort into ensuring that it looks fantastic. Couple this with the fact that it is easy to browse, and you have an awesome website. There are a lot of options on Playamo Casino, so it is nice to be able to browse them quickly and easily. It made our lives a lot easier. People who have played at Playamo Casino in the past would be wise to check it out again. Why? Because the site layout is even better than before. One of the main reasons why the site has gone through such a drastic change recently is down to the fact that they want to make the site more palatable on mobile devices, and boy has they done a good job here.

Playamo Online Casino currently offers one of the best mobile experiences we have ever seen. We don’t think all the games on the site support mobile devices, but since at least 98% of them do, we don’t think that this is much of a cause for concern.

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Playamo Casino Bonuses

18+. T&C Apply

US Players Not Accepted

150 Free Spins

Game Options

As with the bulk of online casinos, the main focus for Playamo Casino will be slots. All the big game vendors are represented here. If we did have one complaint about the site, it would be the fact that there may be too much of a heavy focus on the slots. If you head to the main page of the website, nearly everything is about the slots with very few other games being given page space. We do understand why they have done this, though. After all, most online casinos tend to make the bulk of their profits from slots.

Don’t worry; there are other online games that you will be able to play on the site. In fact, this is a fully-functional online casino. They also cover, we're happy to report a good selection of progressive jackpots too, including Mega Moolah (yay!). What's more, you will have tons of table games, one of the more extensive live dealer game sections that we have ever seen, and then a ton is thrown on top of that too.

Basically; if you are an avid gambler, then Playamo Online Casino is a site that you genuinely are never going to get bored of playing at. More games are being added all the time, which means that you should always find something new for you to play.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

When it comes to deposits and withdrawals; Playamo Casino is not your normal casino. Sure, you can deposit and withdraw as you would at any other British casino, but this one will also allow you to play with Bitcoin if you have some handy. For any Australians reading, then this is a good option for you as it's (in our opinion) one of the best new casino sites out there. Certainly one of the best we've reviewed in a long time. It may be worth noting that some of the games at Playmo Casino can’t be played if you are using Bitcoin. There is a little section specifically for Bitcoin games. However; we do want to point out that this is not the fault of Playamo Casino. As with most online casinos, the site does not program their own games. They are beholden to game developers, but more bitcoin games are being added all the time.

Our Verdict? Check out Playamo Casino today!

If you want to play at one of the better online casinos around at the moment, then we suggest that you check out Playamo online casino today. If you whack the link below, then you will be able to enjoy some of the best casino bonuses in the industry, which is awesome!

18+. T&C Apply

US Players Not Accepted

150 Free Spins